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Roots Revival is a very versatile project focused on promoting soundsystem culture in Poland and all over the world. Before Jaszol & JSM Rootskontrolla got together and decided to build powerful roots Soundsystem they played separately for couple of years in Tisztelet, Duby Smalone and Reggaestacja. After almost a year, first stack of speakers was finished and ready to mash up polish massive. It was first high power Soundsystem focused on playing strictly roots & culture dub wise reggae music in Poland. Unfortunately after few sessions, 18″ speakers appears to be stronger than polish unexperienced in building speaker boxes carpenters. The decision was made to build more scoops and cooperate with experienced carpenter from UK. Matt Abyssinian was the man responsible of building proper immortal scoop bins for 8 18″ drivers. In the beginning of 2009 brand new Soundsystem was ready to shake all people Poland. Next couple of years brought another enlargement of the sound. Changing into 4 way system, building more boxes and getting bigger amps was the main target. At the moment Roots Revival have around 18kW of power. During their sessions they promote roots & culture dubwise reggae music. You can expect loads of bass, some silence in between and plenty special exclusive dubplates.

Roots Revival is not just a Soundsystem during all those active years they promote and organised lots of reggae, dub concerts, sound systems sessions and sooundclashe’s. They invited to Poland artists like: The Disciples, Twinkle Brothers, Manasseh, Jah Free, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Kenny Knots, Dixie Peach, Earl 16, Dubateers, Bush Chemists, Nick Manasseh and Ramon Judah to name few. Under Roots Revival name there’s a producer from north of Poland doing exclusive rough dubs called King Dubear. In mid 2011 they’ve started little records shop orientated on roots music from around the world –> In near future they plan to release some music on their label of course in 10″ format. Time will tell what else they can do to promote they beloved roots & culture dub wise reggae music.

Roots Revival

Roots Revival


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